Top Carpet Cleaning Tips

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Is it possible to keep your carpets looking good and prolong their life without your family and friends thinking you are imposing too many rules and dampening their free spirit??

Of course it is, by using these top carpet cleaning tips you will be acting SMART!

Top Carpet Cleaning Tips
Karen – Bonne Fresh Clean

Start by having your carpets professionally cleaned regularly (every 12-18 months) and say “YES!” to carpet stain protector, as this will give your carpet fibres a protective barrier against dust and dirt penetration as well as making any spillages pool on the surface of the carpet (whilst you do the kitchen roll dash!) instead of soaking straight in.  Phew!

Mats at each door will encourage your family and friends to wipe their feet without even having to be prompted, a good proportion of the outdoor dust and dirt will stay on the mat too. Simple!

Act quickly in case of any spillages, BLOT, BLOT, BLOT, do this immediately, no matter how many guests you have (sorry, boring I know when you are mid party!) and whatever you do don’t rub. And of course if your carpet has already been treated with stain protector the liquid will pool on the surface whilst you dash for the kitchen roll, this makes life so much more relaxed!

Regular and thorough vacuuming will remove dust and soils, having a quality vacuum cleaner will help keep dust and soil levels in check between regular professional carpet cleans.  And of course remember to vacuum those edges as well as the walkways!

Treat stains as soon as you can, you dealt with the spillage earlier, and now any staining can be dealt with.  First try warm water; thoroughly wet a white cloth with hot water, ring this out so that you are left with a warm and slightly damp cloth, keeping this as warm as you can and lay it over the stain, gently pressing with your hands, repeat and allow to dry.  If this doesn’t do the trick call a professional carpet cleaner so that they can attend to the stain.  If you are tempted to use a domestic stain removers (and we recommend that you don’t!) please make sure that you thoroughly test it in an inconspicuous area before treating your stain.  Many domestic stain removers take the colour out of the carpet, leaving a halo around the stain so pre-testing is vital!

And of course if you have been a recent customer of ours you will have received a free bottle of our very own Bonne Fresh Clean stain treatment.  This is brilliant for removing spots and stains as they occur but of course always follow the instructions on the bottle!

Acting SMART will keep your carpets looking good and prolong their life.  Having a great carpet cleaning company in your address book is of course essential to your SMART plan, which is where we at Bonne Fresh Clean come in…

So, for professional carpet and upholstery cleaning in Bristol and South Gloucestershire with amazing results and superb customer service, call Karen today on 01454 436001 / 07774 908410