How to clean rugs yourself

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How to clean rugs yourself

Whether your rug has a deep pile or simply cost you a whole pile of cash it often takes a lot of shopping to find the right colour, size, shape, design and type of rug so looking after it will make sure it lasts a lifetime!

After a few years carpets and rugs accumulate a build-up of soils, dust and dirt which sit deep in the pile causing abrasion damage to the rug fibres.  That’s why it is recommended to get all carpets and rugs professionally cleaned every 12 – 18 months.

 But, it’s handy to keep them in as good condition as possible and here are some tips on how to clean rugs yourself:

  •  Vacuum regularly and thoroughly.  If using a hand tool attachment make sure it has a beater bar so that you are removing loose soils from within the pile.
  •  Turn the rug over and vacuum the back thoroughly. This will remove some of the loose soils and will also push dust, dirt and soils towards the front of the rug.  Once you have vacuumed the back turn the rug over and vacuum the front again, you will be surprised what comes out!
  •  Take your rug outside, weather and space permitting and give it a shake or put it over the washing line and give it a good shake and beat it with a broom handle.
  •  Rotate the rug so that it wears more evenly, however if there is any sun damage fading to one part of the rug consider if rotating it is right for your particular location.
How to clean rugs yourself
Karen – Bonne Fresh Clean

You will notice that there is no mention of water or cleaning liquids amongst the above points, there are several potential pitfalls when you clean rugs yourself, and these include:

–          Shrinkage

–          Colour bleeding

–          Colour loss

–          Fringe damage

–          Fringe colour change

–          Long drying times

That’s why you need a professional to carry out your rug cleaning, such as Bonne Fresh Clean,

Bonne Fresh Clean are professional rug cleaners with amazing results and superb customer service in Bristol and throughout South Gloucestershire.  And of course we clean carpets and upholstery too, all with the same superb service and fantastic results.

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