Carpet Cleaning Myths –  What’s true and what isn’t when it comes to carpet cleaning?

“Carpets shouldn’t be cleaned, it will wash the strength out of them”

This is FALSE! Most manufacturers recommend that carpets are cleaned every 12-18 months by a qualified technician. Allowing soil to build up will significantly reduce the life of the carpet.  And its not only dust which accumulates in your carpets; there is also bacteria, pollen, human skin cells, pet dander, food crumbs and insect remains.  Regular thorough vacuuming once or twice per week a and professional cleaning every 12-18 months is essential.

“Carpets just get dirty quicker if you have them cleaned”

This is FALSE! Providing the carpet cleaning method used is the right one! Rapid re-soiling can occur where detergents are used and are not completely rinsed out of the carpet.  Dirt is attracted to cling to the detergent residue left in the carpet, causing rapid re-soiling.  That’s why Bonne Fresh Clean don’t use detergents, instead we use professional micro-splitting carpet cleaning solutions which don’t leave a residue.

“Carpet cleaning should be done in the summer, otherwise they will be wet for ages”

This is FALSE! There is no doubt that the best method of carpet cleaning is hot water extraction (often called Steam Cleaning) and this does involve your carpets getting wet, BUT assuming the company you use have good quality equipment and the knowledge and experience necessary to correctly carry out the work the drying times should be no more than 6 hours.  Bonne Fresh Clean use hot water extraction and of course fully trained and experienced technicians.  Carpets cleaned by us will be dry in 3-4 hours.

“My own domestic cleaning machine or one I can hire will do just as good a job”

This is FALSE! A high quality reputable carpet cleaning company which is a member of The Approved Carpet Cleaners Alliance (TACCA) will have sophisticated machinery which cost thousands of pounds, superior in every way when compared to a domestic or hired cleaning machine. Professional carpet cleaning equipment will employ superior heat control, steam injection and suction to achieve better results faster and with quicker drying times and no residues.  Bonne Fresh Clean are Members of TACCA and use state of the art superb professional equipment to achieve amazing cleaning results, quick drying and absolutely no residues.