What not to do when cleaning your carpet

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Have you ever tried to improve something in your home only to end up making it worse and wishing you hadn’t even started?  I expect this has happened at some time to most of us and there are sure to be some examples which started out as a “simple” cleaning task and ended causing irreversible permanent damage. This week I received a telephone call from a lady who had tried to remove a grubby mark from her good quality wool carpet using a domestic carpet cleaning product.  This had resulted in a light coloured patch surrounded by a “halo” circle. This sort of damage is very likely to be permanent because the domestic cleaning product has removed the colour from the carpet.

cleaning your carpet
Karen from Bonne Fresh Clean

So before you consider cleaning your carpet or upholstery, please be aware that there is the potential to cause irreversible damage which may be caused by:

  • Hiring or buying a domestic carpet & upholstery cleaning machine, many of which leave a residue which results in rapid re-soiling.
  • Using domestic stain removers which can not only remove colour from carpets and a leave a permanent “halo” around the stain..
  • Using domestic cleaning solutions which leave dirt attracting residues.
  • Scrubbing fibres, carpet fibres and wool in particular are not meant to be cleaned using a scrubbing motion as this damages the fibres leaving them fuzzy in appearance.

Good quality carpets and upholstery are an investment in your home, having them professionally cleaned regularly not only keeps them looking good and feeling soft but also prolongs the life of the fibres.  So professional cleaning makes good economic sense in the short, medium and long term.  Members of The Approved Carpet Cleaners Association (TACCA) have the correct training and knowledge along with professional equipment and products, so put your carpets and upholstery in the hands of the professionals!

For professional carpet and upholstery cleaning with amazing results and superb customer service in Bristol and throughout Gloucestershire, call Karen today on 01454 436001 / 07774 908410