How to care for your leather furniture

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You can prolong the life of your leather furniture, helping to keep it supple and looking good by taking care of it correctly, a modest investment in time and money, plus some knowhow about how to care for your leather furniture will be well worth it in the long run!

Leather is expensive, time and money spent looking after it will pay dividends in the long term
Every spill should be cleaned up promptly using a dry soft cloth
Always test anything cleaning product you plan to use in an inconspicuous place first
Take time to vacuum your furniture regularly using the soft brush attachment
Head grease, dye transfer marks from dark clothing and jeans are easier to prevent than treat!
Exposure to direct sunlight will fade your leather
Regular cleaning and protection by a professional, typically annually is highly advisable

Cleaning leather with baby wipes, furniture polish and non leather cleaning product  is a bad idea
Acetone, other nail varnish removers and non specialist stain removers should not be used
Reacting quickly when you see any damage such as a hole, greasy patch or colour change
Educate yourself! What type of leather do you have? Do you have the paperwork to hand?

leather clean before
Bonne Fresh Clean Professional Leather Cleaning – Before
leather clean after
Bonne Fresh Clean Professional Leather Cleaning – After







Having your leather professionally cleaned, typically annually will not only keep your furniture looking clean but will also help to keep the leather supple. The leather cleaning process must be followed by the application of a leather protector, this gives a barrier against dirt and grease penetration and helps to prevent head grease and dye transfer from dark clothing or jeans developing. The protector should be re-applied periodically between the professionals cleans.

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