How to remove soot from your carpet

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If you have a chimney accident or simply get soot on your carpet is it possible to get it out or is a new carpet your only option?

Well the answer to this question is yes, it is possible to remove soot from your carpet. And here in true Blue Peter style are photographs of a Soot Removal job we did earlier..

soot before
Bonne Fresh Clean Soot Removal – Before
soot after
Bonne Fresh Clean Soot Removal – After











In the case of the pictures shown above the householder had experienced an accident during chimney sweeping, resulting in the whole room being covered in soot.  As you can see after Bonne Fresh Clean Professional Carpet Cleaning all of the soot was removed from the carpet. This would not be possible with a domestic or hired machine as a powerful professional machine is required to remove the soot from deep in the pile.

So if you have a soot problem, however caused call in a professional carpet cleaning company and be sure to  check that they use hot water extraction and have powerful modern professional equipment as nothing less will get this job done! Bonne Fresh Clean are such a company, we use state of the art professional equipment and a whole raft of specialist knowledge to achieve results such as the one you can see in the pictures above.

Bonne Fresh Clean are Members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) and The Approved Carpet Cleaning Association (TACCA) so you can rest assured that we are part of the elite of the carpet cleaning industry and of course we are fully trained, experienced and insured.

For unbeatable professional carpet cleaning contact Karen at Bonne Fresh Clean on 01454 436001. Call us for a free quotation or for advice on how to remove soot from your carpet. Or visit our website

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