What are those grease marks on my upholstery?

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Are you looking at your upholstery, sofa or chairs and wondering what are those grease marks on my upholstery? A stain where are people rest their head but what is it? Well, its head grease!

So what are the facts about head grease and what can you do about it?

Firstly what does it look like?

Head Grease
Head Grease

So why does head grease happen?

It is perfectly natural for humans to sweat and excrete body oils, our hair naturally produces oil as does our skin.  Add to this hair products some of which are naturally greasy and you can see why its common to have head grease marks on your upholstery.  This builds up over time until suddenly one day the greasy stain catches your eye! A big ugly stain that you can no longer ignore..!

And what can be done to get rid of head grease?

No home remedies or domestically available products are likely to remove head grease from your upholstery, this needs specialist cleaning.  Call a professional upholstery cleaner that uses hot water extraction (HWE) as dry cleaning or shampoo cleaning are unlikely to be sufficient to treat this problem.

Can Bonne Fresh Clean remove head grease?

Yes we can, here is a recent example:

Head Grease Before
Head Grease Before
Head Grease After Removal
Head Grease After Removal






After a full survey of your furniture we use treatments appropriate to the fabric type to safely remove head grease without damaging the fabric.

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