How to remove urine from carpet

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Whilst we are definitely a nation of pet lovers many of us will be familiar with that sinking feeling when “Tiddles” becomes “Piddles” and “Buster” changes his name to “Busted”..!!

And so, if you’re a pet owner, it is certainly handy to know how to remove urine from carpet…

how to remove urine from carpet
I’m sorry…

The first thing to do with a new urine stain is blot, blot, blot, using kitchen towel.  The objective here is to soak up as much of the liquid as you can.  Lay pieces of kitchen towel over the area, several sheets think and apply repeated pressure with your foot in order to soak up as much of the liquid as you can. Change the kitchen towel sheets regularly and keep applying pressure with your foot, treading repeatedly across the area.  This is very important step as you will be removing as much of the liquid as possible.

Once you believe that no more liquid will come out get some new clean sheets of kitchen towel and repeat the exercise on the areas surrounding the wet patch in order to see if you soak up any more liquid which is lurking in the underlay.

Once you have soaked up as much as you possible can its decision time; either call in a professional carpet cleaner or use a home remedy!   Urine needs specialist treatment because when urine leaves the body it changes from acid to alkaline, the alkaline crystals (salt) can have an effect upon the dyes used in carpets, resulting in colour change or colour loss.

Whatever you decide to do it would be wise to keep pets out of the area as re-offender rates are notoriously high!

The recommended course of action is always to call in a professional carpet cleaner and if this is your chosen course of action remember to always choose a member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA)  The technician will have access to safe and effective professional treatments which are both anti-microbial and deodorising.

If you want to try to treat the area yourself there are a few things to bear in mind, firstly many carpet cleaning products available in supermarkets remove colour from the carpet (often giving the halo effect around the stain) and secondly any shop bought or home remedies should be tested in an inconspicuous area of carpet first, just to check that there is no adverse reaction before you use it in a visible area of your room.

A simple home remedy to try involves baking soda and white vinegar.  But remember to test this on an inconspicuous area first!   Create a paste of baking soda and water.  Rub it into the area.  Apply white vinegar over it and then blot, blot, blot with kitchen towel.  Repeat this treatment a maximum of twice followed by a good rinse with water and yet more blotting.   This will smell of vinegar for a while but when this goes it shouldn’t come back.

But remember, the best solution is always to call in the professionals!


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