What type of leather is my furniture made of?

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Why does it matter you may ask? Well, it makes a big difference when it comes to caring for and cleaning your leather furniture.

Your furniture will fall into one of three broad categories:

Nubuck  / Aniline leather  / Pigmented leather

Start the identification process by answering a few simple questions:

Does the leather have a nap, like a billiard table? If so the leather type is Nubuck
Is your leather absorbent, if a drop of water were to fall on it, would it soak in?

If you were to lightly scratched your leather with your nail would it leave a mark?
If the answer to the above questions is “yes” then your leather type is likely to be aniline.

If the answer is “no” then your leather type is likely to be pigmented.

If you have aniline leather furniture you will notice that this type of leather style shows off the natural characteristics of the leather and the look of your furniture will have changed over its lifetime as the leather aged, much as you would expect from a piece of wood.  Whereas if you have pigmented leather furniture you will notice that it is a more consistent colour (though subject to sunlight damage and fading of course)

Aniline leather is coloured using dyes, whereas pigmented leather is created using pigments which are painted onto the surface of the leather.

When you are looking for leather furniture cleaning it is important to know what type of leather you have, this will dictate which methods and treatments are suitable. The same goes for leather repairs, some of which can only be carried out on specific leather types.

Any leather cleaning or repair professional will know how to correctly identify your leather and fully understand the implications for your furniture. Don’t trust your leather furniture to anyone who doesn’t!

Leather furniture is an expensive purchase and should give you years of service, make sure you put your furniture in safe hands by only hiring a professional company such as Bonne Fresh Clean bonnefreshclean.co.uk

If you would like to discuss cleaning or repairing your leather furniture or for a free no obligation quotation call Karen on 01454 436001 / 07774 908410. We service Bristol, South Gloucestershire and the surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!