Why You Shouldn’t Attempt To Clean Your Carpets Yourself

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Are you considering spending your weekend doing your own carpet cleaning?

Maybe you plan to hire a domestic carpet cleaning machine from a supermarket or DIY store or to use your own domestic carpet cleaning machine?  Well here are the pitfalls of DIY carpet cleaning the top 5 reasons why you shouldn’t attempt to clean your carpets yourself:

EQUIPMENT POWER: domestic carpet cleaning machines, whether hired or purchased simply don’t have the power of a professional carpet cleaner’s machinery which has superior steam injection, heat and suction, all of which mean that a professional carpet cleaner will get your carpets cleaner

DETERGENTS: most domestic carpet cleaning machines use detergents. Detergents work by getting dirt and grease to cling to them, but unless you rinse out 100% of the detergent from your carpet you will leave a detergent residue which carries on working, causing rapid re-soiling.  Professional carpet cleaning companies don’t use detergents, instead preferring to use treatments which leave no residue!

DRYING TIMES: a common issue with domestic carpet cleaning machines is over wetting. This is not only inconvenient but can cause carpet browning and shrinkage!

STAIN REMOVAL:  Professional carpet cleaners are professionally trained in stain removal and the use of the appropriate stain removal products.  Without this professional training, knowledge and experience it is very easy to damage your carpet and this damage is permanent!

DEEP DOWN CLEAN: Only professional powerful carpet cleaning equipment will give you a deep steam clean, removing not only dust and dirt but also bacteria, pollen and allergens from deep within the carpet pile.  Not only making your carpet look better but also prolonging its life!


Finally let’s compare the cost!  Machine Rental.  Cleaning liquids. Stain removers. High traffic area cleaner.  It soon adds up!  My comparison, comparing the approximate costs to clean an average 3 bedroom house suggests that the DIY route is likely to be about half the price of professional carpet cleaning (excluding the cost of your time and assuming nothing costly goes wrong with the machine or the carpet of course!)


Half the cost maybe, but also half the result…

carpet cleaning results

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company, such as Bonne Fresh Clean bonnefreshclean.co.uk will make sure your carpets are:


  • Deep steam cleaned using powerful state of the art equipment
  • Detergent free therefore no residues and no rapid re-soiling
  • Quick drying, touch dry in 1 hour and fully dry in 2-3hours
  • Deep down clean, removing dust and dirt, bacteria, pollen and allergens


So, call Karen at Bonne Fresh Clean on 01454 436001 or 07774 908410 for a free no obligation quotation today!