How Much Should Professional Carpet Cleaning Cost?

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Many of us have a price list of everyday items in our heads; for example if I said to you that a pub meal cost £2 per head I expect that pretty quickly you would  be thinking that’s extremely cheap, probably too cheap and wondering to yourself what sort of meal I was actually talking about.. Similarly if I said that the pub meal was £100 per head you would probably be thinking that this is very expensive.  The point I am trying to make by this example is that for many things we have a known price hard wired in our minds, but for carpet and upholstery cleaning this is very often not the case…

Add to this fact that there is a very wide price range in the carpet and upholstery market place and it becomes extremely difficult for consumers to know what represents VALUE in terms of professional carpet cleaning cost.

Professional carpet cleaning cost
Karen – Bonne Fresh Clean

So here are my top tips on making sure you buy top quality services at a value for money price!

Ask the right questions to make your quotes are like for like:

What cleaning methods will be used?

  • Are the cleaning solutions used child & pet friendly and allergy free?
  • Is everything included in the price quoted?
  • Is stain removal included?
  • How long will the cleaning take?
  • Is the company insured and hold recognised industry qualifications?
  • Is the company a member of at least one of the recognised industry associations? (National Carpet Cleaners Association, NCCA) & The Approved Carpet Cleaners Association, TACCA)
  • Is the company prepared to visit your home to give a free no obligation quotation?
  • What is the drying time?

Once you have comparable quotes protect yourself by:

Checking that company has a current and professional looking website? Do they display their address, if not ask yourself why not, what do they have to hide?

  • Does the company have good online reviews? Simple google searches will tell you a lot!
  • Verify any claims of membership to recognised industry associations. NCCA, TACCA.  Both of these website have member lookup facilities.

Having considered all of the information you have been given before making your final decision also consider the following:

  • You will be inviting this company into your home! Was your phone call handled professionally? Was the information put forward in a clear and understandable way? Did you speak to the person who will actually be doing the cleaning, if so did they sound like someone you want to invite into your home?
  • Divide the price by the number of man hours you were told the job would take – this will give you the hourly cost. Does the hourly cost sound too good to be true, if so it probably is!  Does the hourly rate sound more like the cost of a solicitor than a carpet cleaner, if so does this represent good value for money?

Carpets and upholstery are expensive purchases, make sure they are in safe hands by only hiring a professional company such as Bonne Fresh Clean.