How to clean your upholstery and soft furnishings

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Is life too short to vacuum a cushion…?

Here’s why you should, and how it could save you £’s…

Upholstery and soft furnishings purchased for your home are expensive. Also you probably spent a good deal of time shopping in order to choose just the right style, colour and size for your home. So, after all that time and money how do you clean and care for upholstery so that your upholstery and soft furnishings will give you many years of service?

clean upholstery sofa
How to Clean Your Furnishings


Here are my top tips to help you clean your sofas and furnishings

  • Plump up feather cushions regularly and always before going to bed – this will help maintain fullness.
  • Turn cushions regularly in order to ensure more even wear.
  • Avoid sunlight for extended periods in order to prevent fading (which is permanent!)
  • Deal with spills as soon as they happen and remember BLOT, BLOT, BLOT!
  • Ventilate the room regularly as upholstery will absorb smells such as cooking fumes.
  • Regularly vacuum all areas which will remove dust and dirt, preventing it embedding into the fabric.
  • Look out for dye transfer, e.g. when blue colour from jeans is transferred onto the fabric.
  • Remove pet hair with a household rubber glove (not one you use for other cleaning, set one aside specifically for this purpose of course!) You will find that putting on a rubber glove and rubbing this over your fabric is a great way to collect up all those hairs left behind by your fury friends!
  • Test before using any home cleaning methods or spot treatments. Whatever the fabric type always test in an inconspicuous area. If the item has a linen content don’t clean spots as this will leave a ring water mark, always clean the whole area / panel. If the fabric has a pile test carefully for pile damage / distortion before using any treatment including water.
  • Call in a professional upholstery cleaner every 12-18 months for a thorough clean.

This is required in addition to your own maintenance in order to maintain the appearance of the upholstery and prolong the life of the fabric.

Make sure the professional you choose is qualified, experienced and insured to clean upholstery. Your upholstery should be left PH Neutral after cleaning, make sure you choose a upholstery cleaning company that understand what this means and how it should be achieved!

Ask your professional upholstery cleaner about stain protection application. Your furniture may have been delivered with this already applied, it generally last 3 – 5 years and can be re-applied after the cleaning process by professional upholstery cleaner. Stain protector will mean that any spillages sit on the surface of the fabric rather than soaking straight in; giving you time to dash for the kitchen roll! Stain protector also gives a protective barrier against penetration of dust and dirt, therefore giving your fabric added protection.

If you require further advice, please don’t hesitate to call Karen today on 07774 908410.