Why choose an NCCA accredited Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner?

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The National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) exists to raise standards, expertise and knowledge within the carpet & upholstery cleaning industry. By doing so they protect the public and their homes from cleaners who are not properly trained to undertake carpet & upholstery cleaning. Bonne Fresh Clean are an NCCA accredited carpet & upholstery cleaner.

There are thousands of carpet & upholstery cleaning companies in the UK, for example there are over 11,000 listed on Yell.com alone, but did you know that there are only 450 of these companies that are accredited by the NCCA?  Makes you think doesn’t it?

So what sets the NCCA accredited companies apart from the rest? The answer to that question is quite simply one of quality – you see every member of the NCCA has undergone expert training, they cant become a member without proper training. Furthermore every accredited NCCA company is fully insured and these insurance details are checked annually to make sure that they hold current and appropriate insurance required to carry out carpet & upholstery cleaning in homes and businesses.

And that’s not all, the NCCA has a stringent Code of Practice that protects the customer. Why risk using a carpet & upholstery cleaner that isn’t a member of the NCCA? So before you make a booking make sure the company is a full member of the NCCA.

The NCCA website enables members of the public to search online for NCCA accredited carpet & upholstery cleaning companies in their area, you can visit the website and use this facility using this link  www.ncca.co.uk

Bonne Fresh Clean are fully accredited members of the NCCA, our membership number is 2851. You can rest assured that we understand which methods and cleaning solutions are appropriate to each of the many types of carpets and furnishing fabrics.  Trusting your carpets and fabrics to anyone without this specialist knowledge and expertise could result in un-repairable damage to your belongings including colour loss, dye bleed, shrinkage and reduced life expectancy.

So always look for an NCCA accredited carpet & upholstery cleaner, by the way there are only 10 NCCA accredited companies in the Bristol area so be sure to check before you book!

For professional carpet & upholstery cleaning Bristol and South Gloucestershire contact Bonne Fresh Clean.  For a free no obligation quotation call Karen on 01454 436001 / 0117 287 2076 / 07774 908410 or get in touch using the contact us page on our website  bonnefreshclean.co.uk

Bonne Fresh Clean are a professional carpet & upholstery cleaning company, offering top quality carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, leather cleaning and repair.  We cover all areas of Bristol, Bath, South Gloucestershire including Thornbury, Chipping Sodbury, Yate and all surrounding villages and areas.

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