cat scratch leather repair

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Has your cat scratched your leather furniture? If so call Bonne Fresh Clean to find out more about our cat scratch leather repair service.

Here is an example of some of our recent cat scratch leather repair work:

Cat scratch leather repair
Cat Scratch Leather Repair – Before Bonne Fresh Clean
Cat scratch leather repair
Cat Scratch Leather Repair – After Bonne Fresh Clean











The way that cat scratch leather repair work is carried out and what can be realistically achieved will depend upon the type of leather, so lets start by working out what sort of leather you have:

What type of leather do you have?  Generally it will fall into one of three broad leather types:

Nubuck  / Aniline leather  / Pigmented leather

Start the identification process by answering a few simple questions:

Does the leather have a nap, like a billiard table? If so the leather type is Nubuck

Is your leather absorbent, if a drop of water were to fall on it, would it soak in?
If you were to lightly scratched your leather with your nail would it leave a mark?
If the answer to the above questions is “yes” then your leather type is likely to be aniline.

If the answer is “no” then your leather type is likely to be pigmented.

If you have aniline leather furniture you will notice that this type of leather style shows off the natural characteristics of the leather and the look of your furniture will have changed over its lifetime as the leather ages, much as you would expect from a piece of wood.  Whereas if you have pigmented leather furniture you will notice that it is a more consistent colour (though subject to sunlight damage and fading of course)

Bonne Fresh Clean are professionally trained leather specialists, we can carry out permanent cat scratch leather repair work to your leather furniture.  Call Karen on 01454 436001 / 07774 908410 to discuss your requirements, we are also happy to help if you have questions or queries about your leather furniture and what repairs could be realistically achieved.

Cat scratch leather repair work is a specialist task, you may real online that you could do this yourself using various kits and so forth but this is unlikely to give you the results you are looking for! We strongly advise that you hire a fully trained and experienced leather specialist!

All types of leather furniture should be professionally cleaned and protected every year in order to keep it clean, supple and protected from dirt and grease penetration.  We are your local leather cleaning specialists, we clean and protect all types of leather furniture including sofas, chairs, armchairs and more.

As well as offering a professional cat scratch leather repair service we can also repair rips and scuffs so call us for a free, no obligation, appraisal of your leather furniture.

We are your local, friendly, professional leather cleaning & leather repair specialist covering all areas of Bristol, Bath, Wiltshire, Somerset, Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire.   If we can be of service to you please get in touch, we guarantee you superb results and first class service at a fair price. Call Karen at Bonne Fresh Clean on 01454 436001 / 07774 908410 or email